Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflective Blog entry

Throughout the DLC experience, I really have learned a lot, made a lot of new friends, and I really had fun.

I have changed because now I know how hard working together really is, with conflicting ideas and wanting to do something your way, I have learned how to work together more.

I am proud of my new Welcome Video because I worked hard on it, and I did my best to not miss anything.

For me, it was very challenging to not only keep things to myself, but also it’s been hard for me to work with some people. In this class, I realized that some friends don’t care about what you say, but you can still really hurt people’s feelings. I am ADHD, so I’m very impulsive, meaning that I usually don’t think when I do something, but that’s no excuse not to watch what I say.

I did have fun, and I learned not only a bunch of the things I mentioned, but I also learned(obviously) a bunch of technical things that I never would've learned or dreamed of. In think my favorite technical thing was learning new, interesting, and vital information about the everyday websites, servers, and forums that we visit daily and that are known around the world. Like Google for example. I never knew that Google adds thousands of pages of websites daily! If I learned that anywhere else, I would've said something intelligent like, "No", but this class has really opened my mind to just how immensely, mind bogglingly huge the Internet is. Also, i learned how to make blogs like this one, how to make websites, and how to prepare myself for bigger tasks when I encounter something like this in high school and college. I learned about my favorite websites like Youtube, I learned how to protect myself on the web and how to respect people online. I learned how to use iMovie, iTunes, Keynote, Photo Booth, iPhoto, Safari, and many more. I could go on like this forever, but i don't have enough room.

I honestly wish that i could be here in the second semester, but i screwed up big time, so i guess i kind of had it coming.

Knowing Ms. Bailin, she probably has something extremely huge planned for the second quarter.

Overall, I had fun, and I would do everything that I can do to stay, but I can't.